"The Planning Game: Living by the Big Board"

Dave Limbaugh

When: February 24th, 2004, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Where: Priority Health – Building 1239

The February user group meeting is being led by Dave Limbaugh, an XP enthusiast from the east side of Michigan. Dave will continue the discussion of an XP practice called “The Planning Game,” which was introduced by Carl Erickson at our last meeting from a contractor’s perspective. Bringing his many years of experience in practicing XP in the corporate environment—most recently at the University of Michigan Health Systems-Dave will continue the planning game discussion.

The format of the meeting is sure to be a lively one. It will run from 6 pm until 8 pm with a “half-time” break for networking and snacks. The agenda includes:

  • Photos from the Interface Java Factory XP adventure
  • Core Presentation: “The Planning Game: Living by the Big Board”
  • Sample planning game exercise; We’ll break up into groups and play customer/developer/coach roles
  • Open discussion of XP

To tie up the meeting, Atomic Object personnel will present a brief overview of XP resources and will also provide an update on the XP West Michigan Steering Committee Meeting.

If you’d like to attend the February XP West Michigan user group meeting, please send e-mail to coordinator@xpwestmichigan.org to register. You will not receive a response back, but we will have a name tag and enough food for everyone that registers.

Priority Health is hosting the event and has graciously offered to provide the beverages and snacks. They are located at 1239 East Beltline in Grand Rapids. The meeting will be held in the All Staff area on the 3rd floor ofBuilding 1239.

Priority Health occupies two buildings. Building 1239 is located on the back part of the property, furthest away from East Beltline. Use the entrance (glass doors) located at the back of building 1239. Julie Gillette from Priority Health will greet you at the door.