Notes on Carl Erickson's Talk

Mike Karlesky, Atomic Object

- Useful requirements, engaged customers - There appears to be an analogy between the development circle of the XP approach and customer interface circle. - Development tasks, Simple Design, Unit tests -> Customer stories, Simple features, Acceptance tests - Not so simple. The customer is an unknown and complicating factor in the equation.

Struggling through Story Driven Development Benefits:

1. Requirements

  • when you need them
  • in small chunks
  • actionable, unambiguous, useful
  • opportunity to learn as you go

2. Predictability

  • stories can be estimated (small chunks)
  • project velocity can be measured
  • rhythm is established

3. Feature Management

  • keeping it simple
  • staying focused
  • putting a cost on features
  • letting the customer steer

4. Tools Atomic Object uses for SDD

  • Project Management: Basecamp
  • Iteration Planning: Explain
  • Estimating & Time Tracking: PunchIt (homegrown)

Comments / Q&A

Perhaps the outer ring of the XP practices map is so difficult because that ring is simply incredibly difficult. Perhaps, we have become effective at the inner ring (development) and now there is a newly revealed need for a new “testament” in the XP bible.