Charles Nutter: JRuby in 2010: Where We've Been, Where We're Going

Who: Charles Nutter, Engineyard

When: March 23, 2010

JRuby has changed a lot in the past year. With a new focus on Java integration, the entire world of Java libraries has opened up to Rubyists. The night will include a presentation by Charles Nutter followed by discussion about all things JRuby, such as:

  • invokedynamic and method combinators
  • JRuby on the desktop
  • challenges of implementing a dynamic language on the JVM
  • what JRuby can do to help enterprise IT and existing J2EE applications
  • JRuby on Android
  • whatever else the audience wants to hear about

About the speaker

Charles Oliver Nutter has spent the past 4 years making JRuby into an oustanding Ruby implementation. Now he's working to make JRuby a first-class JVM language, with all the Java integration features users expect. Charles blogs at