OSS tools for embedded development: Unity, Ceedling, CMock, & CException

When: February 22, 2011

About the presentation

Our group of scientists have formulated a suite of tools that make growing robust C applications an enjoyable endeavor. We take care of providing the checks and balances and also utilities for run-time error handling. This mingling of forces facilitates organic growth of maintainable, robust, and infinitely powerful applications that can effectively rule the world. Unity, Ceedling, CMock and CException are open-source (free) tools whose aim is to make setting up and growing embedded C applications a trivial effort so that developers can focus on features and content.

The first half of the evening, we will be providing a high level overview of our tools as well as announcing our new website whose intent is to serve as an information hub to explore, learn and access these tools for use in your embedded endeavors. The second half will be focused on delving further into these tools and show them in action.

About the presenters: Greg Williams & Mike Karlesky

Greg Williams graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in EE and CPE and started his career in Tucson, AZ as a test tool engineer at IBM, designing systems for validating the performance and robustness of networked storage libraries. From there, he ventured on to work at X-Rite, Inc., developing automated-test equipment for production testing of color measurement instrumentation and then moved on to embedded product development. Greg joined Atomic Object in order to help expand TDD and continuous integration into the embedded realm, where we were told it was impossible. He and his fellow Atoms embarked on a journey to make TDD in the C language a reality. This adventure led to the creation the open-source tools under discussion this evening. These projects are toolsmith creations that utilize the Ruby scripting language to make TDD in C an easily achievable reality. Greg has presented at the Embedded Systems Conferences in both Silicon Valley and Boston, as well at the GLSEC here in Grand Rapids.

Mike Karlesky holds degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. He has developed projects such as a DSP-based weather processing system, an automated calibration for temperature sensors, and a QNX-based proof-of-concept target finding platform for the military. Mike holds an interest in applying Agile methods and Test-Driven Development in embedded software and has presented at the GLSEC and ESC conferences on such topics. He is also a contributor to the tools Unity, CMock, and Ceedling that support these practices. He has been involved with several startups and worked as an independent consultant before joining Atomic Object in 2004.