Software GR presents Brian Anderson, Mike Perry and Alex Jantz: Xamarin development tools

When: November 19, 2013

Are you looking for a solution for building cross-platform apps with maximum code reuse?  Do you want to take full advantage of the native device frameworks and have access to leverage everything the device is capable of?  Do you want to build custom and friendly UXs that feels like native to the user?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a common language and have managed code instead of worry about all the low level memory management details?  We will show you how you can answer yes to all of these questions and more.

Come join us on November 19th to learn about Xamarin (; development tools which lets you write your app entirely in open source C# and share your code across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac.  Mobile devices are proliferating, you can’t just focus on just one platform when your users may be using the others.

About the presenters:

Brian Anderson: Brian founded the custom software development practice at OST in 2008.  Since that time OST’s App Dev practice has expand to 30 full-time consultants and employs many more sub-contractors working to solve enterprise business problems with custom software.  During his career Brian has served a diverse set of client’s such as Johnson Controls, McDonald’s, Amway, but has also enjoyed working with small and startup businesses along the way.  His current focus is to grow OST's application development team, providing strategic direction for the practice, serving clients and building long-term relationships through successful outcomes.

Brian has also co-founded multiple startup businesses including Pay It Square ( and Tourneytopia (  Pay It Square won PayPal's X Award for Requesting and Receiving Money in 2010. It was then acquired by OST in 2011.  Tourneytopia helps companies run white-labeled bracketology contests.  It has been used by Microsoft, the Tennis Channel and Time Warner Cable to name just a few.

Mike Perry: Mike has been developing enterprise software for the past 9 years and has a passion for well architected solutions. He is an independent consultant in the Grand Rapids area and currently focuses on Xamarin development for the enterprise. In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking and snowmobiling.

Alex Jantz:  Alex Jantz spent 4 years as a Software Engineer before joining OST in early 2012. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has experience in application development, Business Intelligence, and software verification. Alex has a BSE in Electrical Engineering from GVSU and is currently working towards his MBA.