SoftwareGR Presents Sylvia Pellicore: Mobile Accessibility 101

Tuesday, May 17 (special date), 2016

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Atomic Object

You've built a fantastic new mobile app or responsive site, but are you sure everyone can use it? You could be shutting out millions of potential customers without even knowing it. You could also be setting your company up for user complaints, bad press, or even a costly lawsuit. 

Accessibility is the process of making sure everyone can use your apps and websites, including people with disabilities. In this talk, Sylvia Pellicore will give you a quick introduction to accessibility and tell you about the features of an accessible mobile site or application. She will talk about the business and legal case for increased accessibility. She will also demonstrate some of the most common accessibility tools on Android and iOS phones, and discuss how developers can code sites and apps to work with these features. 

Sylvia Pellicore is the Web Accessibility Advisor for BCBSNC, making sure their sites and tools work for users of all ability levels. Sylvia also co-leads the Raleigh/Durham chapter of Girl Develop It, a nonprofit that helps women get involved in technology. When she is not planning events for Girl Develop It, she likes to run, rock climb, and knit increasingly elaborate scarves. 


I talk about accessibility all the time! Sometimes it is on podcasts, on panels, or in classes. Sometimes I just corner strangers at cocktail parties and talk their ears off.