"Agile Overview" and "Acceptance Testing with Fitnesse"

Robert Martin, Object Mentor

When: January 22nd, 2005, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Where: Prince Conference Center

XP West Michigan is pleased to present Bob Martin, nationally recognized author, speaker, and agile programming expert to our January meeting. This is another not-to-be-missed meeting you will most definitely enjoy.

His talk will be in two parts. The first part, from 6 pm until 6:50 pm, is an XP Overview that will be fun and informative for Agile novices and initiates alike. Uncle Bob will talk about why projects fail, and what Agile methods can do to prevent failure.

We’ll take a short break from 6:50 pm until 7:10 pm and enjoy light refreshments and networking in the Fireside Room adjoining our meeting room.

The second part of the talk, from 7:10 pm until 8 pm, focuses on one of the most important of the Agile practices: Automated Acceptance Testing. Uncle Bob will talk about the role of QA, and how Automated tests are the new requirements document. The talk will finish with a demonstration of FitNesse, an open-source tools for automating customer-written acceptance tests.

The meeting will be held in the Oak Room at the Prince Conference Center, located on the Calvin College campus. This building is located on the east side of the East Beltline (across the street from the majority of the buildings on that campus).

Speaker Bio

Robert Martin, a software professional since 1970, is founder and president of Object Mentor, Inc., located in Gurnee, Illinois. His company specializes in process improvement consulting, object-oriented software design consulting, training, and skill development services.

Uncle Bob is a regular speaker at international conferences and trade shows and has authored or edited numerous books and trade journal articles, including:

  • Designing Object Oriented C++ Applications using the Booch Method
  • Patterns Languages of Program Design 3
  • More C++ Gems
  • Extreme Programming in Practice 
  • Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns and Practices

Uncle Bob’s presentation style is entertaining and humorous, yet highly educational.