Reprise of the Agile 2005 Denver Conference

Carl Erickson and Panelists

When: September 27th, 2005, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Where: Atomic Object, 941 Wealthy Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Welcome back to the start of XP West Michigan’s 3rd season!

Come to the September meeting to learn about Agile 2005 and:

• The surprising mix of attendees and what that might mean • Brian Marick’s observation on careers for agile people • The birth of the Agile Project Leadership Network • Which branch of the government uses agile to great effect • How agile and big up front design work together • The optimal frequency for switching pairs when pair programming • Bob Martin’s view on where agile is heading • What to do when the client gives you a “crazy” story • The best sort of contract for agile software development • How agile beats waterfall when you’re on a raft • The importance of rituals • How to best sneak agile development in the front door • How companies are using agile practices in embedded development • What Kent Beck obsesses about

How can we pack all this into one meeting? The Denver Agile conference in July 2005 was a watershed event in the agile community. XPwm’s September meeting offers those who couldn’t attend this important conference the chance to hear what went on and learn directly from those who were there. Carl Erickson will summarize the conference and moderate a panel discussion by people from Atomic Object and Priority Health who participated in the conference. We’ll have plenty of time for questions and discussion, so come ready to learn. September at XPwm – the next best thing to Denver.

PS – We’ll also be unveiling our new community-oriented website.