Lightning Talks: tips, techniques, tools, and more

When: May 23rd, 2006, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pmWhere: Atomic Object, 941 Wealthy Street SE, Grand Rapids MI

The final meeting of the season will feature lightning talks. Named for their duration and intensity, lightning talks give you a bunch of good ideas, observations, tricks, tips, tools, etc in a single meeting. No talk is longer than 5 minutes. No Power Point allowed. You’ll get to hear from as many as 15 presenters in one evening.

XPwm lightning talks can be about anything related to software development. Here are some of the kinds of things we expect to have:

  • a new idea
  • an evaluation of a tool, process, program, etc.
  • an observation
  • a story
  • a complaint
  • an explanation
  • a suggestion
  • a report of success or failure
  • a call to action
  • a description of a technique, practice, or technology