"From Eclipse to Jazz"

Who: Paul Vanderlei, IBM

When: January 29, 2008

Imagine you are part of global team of developers with offices in multiple countries spanning several time zones. Or you are part of a small, local team divided by differing work schedules or department affiliations. In either case, you collaborate with analysts, architects, developers, testers and other subject matter experts separated by time, distance or organization. What type of infrastructure would help you do your best work, both individually and as a team? The Jazz technology platform is designed to answer these needs.

Jazz is an IBM Rational project to build a scalable, extensible team collaboration platform for integrating work across the phases of the development lifecycle. We believe Jazz will help teams build software more effectively while making the software development activity more productive and enjoyable.

Paul VanderLei will give a presentation entitled “From Eclipse to Jazz” followed by a demo of Rational Team Concert, the first commercial product built on the Jazz platform.

Speaker Bio

Paul VanderLei lives in Grand Rapids and works for IBM. He is currently the Jazz Jumpstart team lead. Jazz Jumpstart is a globally distributed team tasked with enabling early adopters of Rational Team Concert and Jazz. Paul came to work for IBM as part of IBM’s acquisition of Object Technology International in 1996. Most notably, OTI and its remnant within IBM developed IBM’s J9 Java virtual machine, Eclipse and now Jazz. Paul holds degrees in Computer Science from Calvin College and Arizona State University.