"Ruby on Rails Testing"

Who: Mike Swieton, Atomic Object

When: Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One of the tenets of Agile methodologies is effective testing. To give a project effective coverage over its whole lifetime, the tests must be automated. Atomic Object has recently completed its seventh year in business and during those seven years of projects we’ve developed some opinions about how to effectively test software.

In this talk we’ll look at some of these specific strategies for testing at both the unit test level and at the whole-system test level. These strategies can be applied effectively to all projects from Web software all the way to embedded code. We’ll look at some specific tools which are useful for testing the popular Ruby on Rails web application platform.

This talk is the same one Mike’s giving at the Windy City Rails conference in Chicago.

Speaker Bio

Mike’s been writing software for more than ten years. Throughout his high school and university years he spent a lot of time working on personal and open source projects just for the adventure of trying something new. Mike started with Atomic in 2003. His experience ranges from writing low-level concurrent programming and performance-critical code in C and C++ all the way up to very high level development in dynamic languages like Python, Perl, and Ruby. He’s created software for businesses as diverse as health care, distribution, and automotive manufacturing.