Chris McMahon: The Audience Experience and Other Frontiers

Who: Chris McMahon

When: October 26, 2010

Last month we had a great start with Steve Smith! If you missed it, check the video, and be sure not to miss our October meeting:

About the presentation

The current state of User Experience work in software development is missing critical knowledge and critical conceptual tools necessary for understanding how large numbers of users interact with applications in the public arena.  In this talk, Chris will point out exactly what is missing, and will suggest some approaches for improving that understanding.   Along the way, he will mention some other unusual and unexpected areas of work that will be influencing software development in the very near future.

About the speaker

Chris McMahon is a software tester and a former professional musician. His work has appeared in Better Software magazine,,, Software Test and Performance magazine, and in the book Beautiful Testing, among other places.  He founded the Writing About Testing peer conference where he lives in Durango, Colorado. He can be eccentric.