JR Jenks - Using Agile methods when designing medical devices

When: April 26th, 2011

J.R. Jenks is proud to say that he grew up with the computer industry. He first learned to program as a child when programming meant linking to an HP2000 mainframe using a Teletype and a 100 bps modem. He recalls that his family owned one of the first models of a personal computer, the KIM-1, which they built from a kit.

That sense of curiosity and experimentation has carried J.R. forward and he has remained at the leading edge of computer technology and design for almost 20 years. He wrote the software for the first public OLE for Process Control (OPC) demonstration at National Manufacturing Week 1998. He also wrote one of the first automated test harnesses for the Win32 platform, bringing the Extreme Programming practice of "Relentless Testing" to COM and Windows development. J.R. was an early practitioner and advocate of XP in his capacity as Technology Architect at Geneer Corporation.

J.R. is AgileTek's Chief Technology Officer. He brings to the job his hands-on experience and proficiency with a vast array of technologies, including XML, Enterprise Java, Open Source Software, .NET and Automated Testing.

His industry background includes applications and design done for nuclear power plants, aerospace, insurance and a wide variety of manufacturers.