Moses Hohman: Lean Startups & Customer development

When: September 13, 2011

Lean Startup is new and, it's sometimes easy to forget, mostly unproven. But it builds on older ideas that have more evidence going for them: Lean Thinking, Agile, user research and many others. These give Lean Startup a solid foundation of values and principles, but the practices of lean startup are still very much an open question. Do we really understand how to conduct customer development? How is MVP software development different? When is something "validated"? When and how should your practices change?

I approach these issues from the perspective of a longtime agile software developer turned startup employee, turned UX enthusiast, turned co-founder of my own startup. My talk will be interactive, and I hope to engage an audience coming from many perspectives--including development, UX and business--who will bring their own insights to the discussion.

About Moses Hohman

Moses Hohman is co-founder of Human Practice, a web-based service that helps patients find doctors and doctors find patients through people they trust. Previously he was VP of Development at Collaborative Drug Discovery, a bay-area cheminformatics startup. He has been learning, practicing and teaching agile software development since 2000. He has a PhD in physics from what now almost seems like a former life, and he lives with his family in Chicago.