John Hauck: Cudafy Me - Graphics Processor Programming in C# on Windows 8

When: October 23, 2012

The ThreadPool is fine for little dips, but this is the year to dive head first into the GPGPU - the General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit. In this talk we will be solving the traveling salesman problem by brute force. That is, we will compute the length of every possible route connecting a series of cities - to find the shortest one. We will do this entirely in Visual Studio C# using three techniques: single-threaded CPU, multi-threaded CPU, and the massively parallel GPGPU. We will spend most of the time learning how to use NVidia's CUDA with HybridDSP's Cudafy. After attending this talk you will see the universe as a massively parallel phenomenon that is ripe for you to model it.

About John

John Hauck has been developing software professionally in Michigan since 1981, and focused on Windows-based development since 1988. For the past 17 years John has been working at LECO, a scientific laboratory instrument company, where he manages software development. John also served as the manager of software development at Zenith Data Systems, and as the Vice President of software development at TechSmith. John loves the Lord, his wife, their three kids, and sailing on Lake Michigan.

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