Elaina Farnsworth: What should IT Professionals know about managing a Mobile Project?

When: May 28, 2013

Many IT Professionals are tasked with leading Mobile Projects. With the emerging market of mobile growing faster each year, professionals are asking what they need to know about managing mobile projects. In this presentation we will give you an idea of how mobile projects differ from traditional development lifecycles, a few steps you can take to properly identify which mobile tools to use, and how mobile projects concepts vary from the traditional development models. Our experts will introduce the differences in native and HTML5 and give you an idea of what to watch out for in UX/UI and Agile development.

About Elaina

Elaina Farnsworth is a leader in the mobile industry. She is a public speaker, entrepreneur, writer and thought leader. Her passions are technology and education.

Elaina's expertise in mobile technologies began almost a decade ago, by creating text messaging programs to aid first responders in emergency situations.  Thereafter, she worked in education to bring about technical literacy for teachers and their students. Her talent for teaching complicated technical concepts to all levels of executives allows her to help organizations create mobile strategies to take advantage of the paradigm shift revolutionizing business today. She passionately advocates the power of mobile to improve the way business and education is conducted.

She speaks nationwide to businesses, educational institutions, corporations and associations about mobile as the new key to transforming the global economy.