SoftwareGR Presents: Brian Antosh: Is your infrastructure working properly? (VIDEO)

When: January 27, 2015


Proper monitoring is an essential part of making operations successful for data centers. There is critical power, critical cooling, and fire protection systems to run and protect servers, networking and storage devices and systems. When an issue or potential issue is occurring, it is imperative that you understand the monitoring systems you have in place and what everything means. There is a variety of sensors, communications methods, software applications and architectures to achieve best-in-class results. Brian will share his knowledge, experience and lessons learned with the infrastructure monitoring systems he has inherited, designed, installed and improved upon.

About Brian:

Brian has over 23 years experience in facilities and IT operations in the automotive, healthcare, chemical manufacturing and data center services industries. He offers a unique perspective having first come from a plant engineering & manufacturing facilities background early in his career and migrating to full-time data center and IT operations roles. He has spoken several times at AFCOM Data Center World for user sessions and tutorials on IT facilities maintenance, operations and capacity management.