SofwareGR Presents Andy Van Solkema: Creativity, invention and innovation

October 25, 2016


Atomic Object, 1034 Wealthy St., Grand Rapids, MI

In this talk, I explore the evolution of creativity, invention and innovation. How at the heart of the movement to embrace design in organizations is not a silver bullet processes, role or set of method. Instead it is how we deal with the complexity of an incomplete picture by building understanding and clarity.

To deal with this state of unknown and complexity, I will share why business must embrace ambiguity as a tool by creating an environment for framing, sketching and invention, just as it did for optimization, efficacy and performance metrics. And how, in this new reality, the required tool to deal with this state of ambiguous decision-making is how we decide to work together

About Andy

Andy is Chief Designer at Open Systems Technologies. As Chief Designer he is responsible for the practice, vision and integration of design services while infusing human-centered design expertise with OST’s strong technology experience. Andy also is founder of Visualhero, a midwestern based experience design studio, where he practices on strategic projects as a Principal Designer. Visualhero, the official design studio of OST, offers a systems approach to creative problem solving by helping organizations take insights and ideas to action.

Andy combines a systems thinking approach with his craft of graphic, information and interface design. As technology, communication and business converge, he works 

under the belief collaboration, design methods and leadership, and the ability to articulate through making should be the hub of innovation. Although most days are spent in practice, he also enjoys speaking, advocating and educating others of design value, methods and process.