Software GR Presents Joe Chrysler: React Native

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

6pm - 8pm

Atomic Object, 1034 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids

React Native

3 Languages, 2 Platforms, 1 Framework, Go!

Live-reloading, UI snapshot testing, and excellent escape hatches make React Native the first cross-platform development framework that's worth recommending. Drop by and learn why cross-platform no longer means lowest common denominator.

In this interactive conversation, I'll show you how to build fast, fluid mobile interfaces with Yoga and Storybook, how to make your text editor enforce business logic with TypeScript and Redux, and how easy it is to drop down to native code with React Native bridges when you need to leverage the full power of each platform. This conversation will be part talk, part live demo, and part conversation, so come ready with a smartphone, a question, and a smile. It'll be fun. 🙂


About Joe

Joe is a developer with Atomic Object, currently focused on building cross-platform mobile apps with React Native and TypeScript, and cloud backends with AWS Lambda and Cognito. To get away from all that JavaScript, he spends a lot of time trying to improve the developer experience on his projects with Makefiles, Bash, and Markdown. Ask him how he uses Alexa to water his horses.