SoftwareGR Presents Rae Krantz: "A Game of Theories: Why Languages Do What They Do"

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Atomic Object, 1034 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids

 "A Game of Theories: Why Languages Do What They Do"

How often do you search for “how to do [x] in [language]”? Maybe you’re a Python developer who thinks Go’s dedication to clean syntax feels familiar, or maybe you’re a Ruby dev who thinks Erlang’s pattern matching doesn’t leave enough freedom in your code to deal. Language differences and similarities both enamor and infuriate us, so let’s compare how they solve our common problems. What does a language’s built-in-functions tell us about why they were created and how they are best used?
Language list: Ruby, Python, Go, Erlang, Clojure, JavaScript (possibly Rust and/or Elm, but we only have so much time!)

note: there will be minor Game of Thrones references throughout, however specific spoilers are saved for the end so it will be easy to earmuff it for ~2 minutes at that time and then rejoin us for questions


About Rae

Rae's 9-to-5 hours focus on Angular, and her past experience has included Ruby, Chef, and enough Python to be dangerous. She also did a kata in Erlang once. In her local community, she has started a programming book club, monthly hack nights, and a bi-weekly TDD practice. One thing she's proud of is hiking 6.5 miles up a mountain to Grinnell Glacier (Glacier NP) while 6.5 months pregnant.
She has lived in Akron, OH since 2014 and dreams of one day having an apartment that allows dogs.