Software GR Presents Brandon Keepers: The Loyal Renegade

The Loyal Renegade

What do you do when you think you know a better way of solving a problem and nobody is open to it? I often take a non-conventional approach: benevolent subversion. In this talk I will tell stories of helping organizations move forward through benevolent subversion, not by disrupting progress, undermining authority or attempting to displace leadership. But exactly the opposite: demonstrating what an alternative solution may look like.

About Brandon

Brandon Keepers is a developer at GitHub, where he spends most days orchestrating Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and whatever else is needed to ship a great product.

Brandon began his professional career in 2002 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, designing websites, writing PHP and Java, and wrangling servers. After moving to Holland, Michigan, he cofounded Collective Idea in 2006, contracted for a wide variety clients, and led training all over the world. In 2012, Brandon helped Ordered List create,, and, all of which were acquired by GitHub in 2011.

When his face is not dimly lit by a computer screen, you can find him enjoying good food and drink with his wife, lounging with a book in his hands in Holland, MI, or running with his dog. He shares about his endeavors on twitter as @bkeepers and on his blog at