Software GR: Anthony Glines: The Security of Information, from Past to Present

Abstract of talk:

For thousands of years, people have fought to keep secrets and information hidden, while “hackers” have tried their best to reveal them.  While this has always been a neck-and-neck race, methods for protecting this information are continuously improving to have the upper hand.

Enter in a new age… a golden age where technology is plentiful and information is accessible from anywhere.  In this talk, we’ll begin with an example of identity theft… that took place almost 500 years ago.  We’ll discuss from past to present examples of how information has been protected and stolen.  Bringing us to today’s era and what we as programmers can do to protect our client’s most vital asset… their customer’s information.


Anthony Glines is a web developer at Springthrough in Grand Rapids.  He came to Springthrough in 2012 with over 12 years’ experience as a Web Developer.  Currently, Anthony spends a majority of his time writing applications in C# using the MVC framework, AngularJS with RESTful APIs and the Entity Framework.  He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, with a focus on Web Applications.  When Anthony isn’t glued to a computer screen, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, watching movies, and spending time outdoors, especially hiking.